There Are No Kissing And Intimate Scenes Say 24 Kisses Makers!

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24 Kisses title made a huge name and also, created news by giving a topic to debate on for news channels. Hebah Patel had to storm out of the debate unable to take character assassination and makers are now wondering why did they participate in it, in first place.

RX100 makers used even more intimate scenes for promotions but content has been lapped up by youth.

Many started following the suite and adding unnecessary vulgarity to their films while RX100, dealt it artistically. 24 Kisses which is actually about a myth that 24 Kisses will strengthen love bond, came under the crossfire.

Ayodhya Kumar, the director is saying that people will understand that their movie did not have any vulgar scenes or kissing scenes when they watch the movie on digital platforms or TV.

His friend and producer did exclaimed that the debate program has destroyed the reputation of their film.

The reality is that the title in itself is pushing the envelope too much for a conservative Telugu film world. On top of that, when you release kiss making videos as promotional material, you have pay the price for bad marketing.

Also, the content did not positive marks like Arjun Reddy and RX100. May be makers should reflect on what critics have pointed out before blaming all of it on title and news debates!

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