Dil Raju's Latest Film Becomes An Epic Disaster

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Dil Raju backed Raj Tharun to deliver successful films in love stories but both the films, they made, failed at the box office.

Iddari Lokam Okate, starring Raj Tharun and Shalini Pandey, did not even get a decent opening like Lover. The music of the film too did not go viral.

But Dil Raju believed that the film will at least work in USA and hence, he released it on the Christmas Day.

Movie failed to even collect 1000 USD, till date and the collection is close to 789 USD. Film has turned out to be an epic disaster for everyone.

Dil Raju is known for his judgement in scripts but he seems to have misplaced his trust on wrong projects with Raj Tharun.

The actor who grew as an upcoming hero with 4 hits, seems to have lost it all with disaster after disaster.
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