Are Komatireddy Brothers Taking Different Political Routes?

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Think powerful political family that defies all odds, the Komatireddy family readily comes to mind. The siblings stayed together through the thick and thin and have excelled in business and politics alike. Immensely powerful, this political family had the gumption to take on the mighty KCR and prove its worth time and again. But, for strange reasons, the brothers could not get the PCC chief post all these years. They have tried very hard, had even run a TV channel and spent huge sums. But, the post eluded them.

But, are the Komatireddy brothers planning to walk different paths? Are they parting ways? It appears so. Fed up with the Congress Party's ways, younger brother Komatireddy Rajagopala Reddy has got in touch with the BJP top leaders. He has held talks with Ram Madhav and has even indicated that the future lies with the BJP. If sources are to be believed, he is all set to join the BJP sooner than later.

But, elder brother Komatireddy Venkat Reddy does not appear to be sharing the same perception. He seems to believe that the future lay with the Congress. So, he wants to be with the Congress. This has reportedly led to differences between the brothers. There are some financial issues too, according to some. So, both might take to different paths now - one would go with the BJP, while the other would stick to the Congress.

Political pundits are watching these developments very closely. Will it be a loss if both part ways or will their interests get served if they are in two different parties? Let's wait and see how things pan out.
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