Did Vijayashanti Demand Rs 5 Crore?

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If everything falls in place, Vijayashanti will be making comeback into films with Mahesh Babu's upcoming flick under Anil Ravipudi's direction.

As per buzz in the film circles, Makers are very much sure that Vijayashanti doing the role will elevate the movie to the next level. The biggest hurdle they have been facing right now is the remuneration quoted by her. While the Senior Actress seems to have demanded Rs 5 crore, Producers have been bargaining to make her come onboard for anywhere around Rs 3 crore.

Vijayashanti hasn't acted in films post the release of 'Naayudamma' in 2006. So, It's going to be a huge advantage for #Mahesh26. Even for Ramulamma, She can't ask for a better film to re-launch herself for the second innings.

Movie Buffs are curious to know whether if the role offered to Vijayashanti will be as powerful as Nilambari in 'Narasimha' Or Whether if Anil Ravipudi has come with a role having funny tinge?

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