Did TDP MPs Complain About YCP To Amit Shah?

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The ongoing disputes between the ruling YCP and opposition TDP have crossed the state and reached Delhi. TDP MPs Galla Jayadev, Rammohan Naidu, Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, Thota Sitaramalakshmi met Union Home Minister Amit Shah at his Parliament chamber and complained about the ruling party's violent behavior.

The MPs also complained that YCP is filing false cases on leaders and activists of TDP. They also said that Human Rights were also violated largely in the state.

"They are attacking TDP workers, leaders and in return booking false cases against the very TDP workers, leaders. CM Jagan is pressurising police officials to book TDP leaders without any reason. Our party leaders are being harassed. Democracy is being murdered. There are no human rights in AP," told the MPs to Amit Shah.

According to the insider reports, Shah assured the MPs that he knows about the situations in Andhra Pradesh and he will look into this issue.

Amit Shah has also assured the TDP MPs that they can come up to him anytime if they have any issues which made the leaders happy.

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