Did Renu Desai Quit From That Film?

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Renu Desai has been in the news ever since she took divorce from Pawan Kalyan. Many thought the couple divided amicably but Renu Desai made it clear that she had many grievances before taking such a decision.

She expressed more pain in her relationship with Pawan and stressed on the later part of it that has made some of Pawan Kalyan fans abuse her. She never feared for their comments and used them in reverse to gain more sympathy among neutrals.

But things on the work front did not workout similarly. She directed and produced a film in Marathi. The movie failed at box office and she decided to look at Telugu Film and TV Industry for offers.

She tried to become an anchor, launched a show as a host, became a judge on several shows - still to no success. She chose to re-start her acting career as supporting actor in Telugu.

She just acted in Badri, Johnny and hence, many thought she might not be so sure facing camera again. She got casted in the character of a journalist Hemalatha Lavanam in biopic, Stuartpuram based on life of notorious criminal, Tiger Nageswara Rao.

Bellamkonda Srinivas is acting in the lead role. We hear that as some of her well-wishers advised and convinced her to do lead roles rather than supporting roles, she left the film.

 We did not get any confirmation on this from film sources yet and this information awaits official clarification.

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