Did Ravi prakash Take Hawala Route To Get Foreign Funds For Sanjeevani?

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Has former TV baron Ravi Prakash of TV 9 fame taken Havala route to mop up funds for his Sanjevani Hospital? There is a growing buzz that Ravi Prakash has reportedly collected huge funds abroad and has brought them to India using the Havala route, instead of the legal Foreign Currency Regulatory Authority FCRA route. It is alleged that the authorities are now trying to track the fund trail.

Sanjeevani Hospital was set up in Kuchipudi with the stated aim of providing quality medicare to 150 villages. They also promised to park funds from abroad using the Silicon Andhra connection. There were allegations of massive fund collection in the US. But, nobody knows whatever happened to the funds, it is alleged.

Several locals also reportedly believed Ravi Prakash and allegedly donated considerable sums. Ravi Prakash also organised two programmes through TV 9 in his capacity as the CEO of the organisation to collect funds. Several foreigners too promised funds for the facility.  Now, the financial security agencies are probing into the fund flow and on how the funds were spent in the name of the hospital.

It is also alleged that the hospital has claimed that it has built roads, a water tank and a bus stand. But, investigations showed that the then Chandrababu Government paid bills for all these works. This is leading to several doubts about the fate of the collected funds. 

The Central probe authorities allegedly identified two women as the key persons in the handling of these finances. One of them is related to the Silicon Andhra group, while the other is a key employee of the Telugu University.

The donors are now allegedly approaching the State government with a request for a thorough probe into the whole financial embezzlement. They want to know the fate of the local donations too. They have approached concerned authorities with their complaints.
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