Did Rajamouli Predict The Outcome Of Saaho?

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SS Rajamouli and Prabhas have become really close. After Baahubali, both share a similar sense of gratitude for each other.

Rajamouli couldn't have realized his dream project if Prabhas was not willing to work on his terms for 4 years and obviously producers.

Prabhas couldn't have imagined such a stardom without Baahubali. So, both have achieved great success and made history with the film.

Rajamouli known for helping his friends, did go to pre-release event but did not tweet about Saaho, before and after release.

He is said to have been at the editing table helping the makers to salvage the bad cut produced by Sujeeth, the director. We don't know how true those rumours are.

In any case, the director seems to have predicted the outcome and decided to stay away from embarrassing himself by praising it before or after release.

He did try to help his friend Sai Korrapati before and ended up embarrassing himself on social media. Hence, he seems to have taken a strong decision to not fall for such things again.

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