Did Prabhas Make A Blunder?

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Amidst a lot of hype and expectations, Prabhas starrer Saaho has hit the screens all over, yesterday. But much to the disappointment of all the fans, the film turned out to be a bore-fest and got a negative talk right from the first show. Now, the trade pundits are predicting that it might become one of the biggest disasters in the history of Indian Cinema.

The man who will be the most affected by this failure is Prabhas. The actor got pan-Indian stardom with the Baahubali series and within a space of three years, Prabhas became a star in North India as well. Many north Indian fans were eager to watch Saaho only because of Prabhas. But sadly, the film also received a negative talk in the northern territory making the things even worse.

Now, Prabhas needs to sustain his pan-Indan stardom despite these failures. For that, he needs to do more movies regular so that the northern belt audience get used to him. But Prabhas is taking his own time to come up with each film. His next film Jaan is touted to be a love story and to be frank, the north audience doesn't watch South Indian love dramas as Bollywood folks are experts in that genre. If that film fails at any cost, Prabhas' pan-Indian stardom might just vanish in no time.

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