Did PMO Ask For Reports On Farmers Protests In AP?

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With the protests of the farmers of the capital region Amaravati, demanding not to shift the capital city from Amaravati it has been widely reported that the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) is getting a detailed report on the unrest and protests in the state.

The farmers of the state are staging protests strongly opposing the ruling government's decision to have three capitals for the decentralization of development. The insider reports state that the PMO has asked the Central Services Officers to dig deeper and give a report on the happenings in the state.

Till now many women in the Amaravati region have participated in the protests holding PM Narendra Modi's photos and requesting him to look into this. This development created an interest in the Central government.

It has been widely reported that the Centre has also asked the Intelligence Bureau(IB) to submit reports on the Law & Order in the state. The BJP leaders of AP have already gathered the opinion of the farmers and people of the three regions and they are expected to submit the report to Delhi leaders very soon reportedly.
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