Did KCR Lost Hope On NaMo Factor?

Telangana CM K Chandrasekhar Rao is good estimating the poll prospects of the parties. His prediction of TRS retaining power and JD (S) becoming Kingmaker in Karnataka has come true in 2018. And now, He believes TRS will win 16 MP seats and YCP would form the government in AP.

As per media reports, Internal Surveys done by KCR ruled out the possibility of Narendra Modi retaining power at the national level. The hawa of regional parties can be witnessed in 2019 Polls. Even Congress would gain good number of MP Seats in this elections. There is every possibility of UPA forming the next government with the support of few Regional Parties.

That is why KCR is chalking out plans to befriend the Congress Party. During the poll campaigning, He lambasted Modi but didn't Sonia Gandhi. Post the elections, Telangana CM began meeting the parties which are maintaining ties with the Congress Party. That itself is a sign of his future course of action. Don't be surprised if KCR joins UPA after declaration of results on May 23rd.