Did Dil Raju "math" Fail In Jaanu's Case?

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Dil Raju is known as a shrewd producer and distributor in TFI. In past 20 years, he became one of the most successful and big productions while he has been a successful distributor in past 30-35 years.

At Jaanu success meet, he did say that he is disappointed with the collections as the movie is not going at the rate, he expected it to perform.

He told the audiences that he produced this movie against all odds and beliefs without thinking about profit-loss math.

He also said that he wants such films to work big time or else he cannot promise good films in future. Well, the producer seems to be blaming audiences for his ineffective promotional strategies and  failure in countering the talk that movie is not different or better than Tamil version, 96 which is already available on OTT platforms.

Even with Samantha and Sharwanand, this is a big blow for any production house. Right from release date to promotions, the production house gave a feeling that they are dumping it out than giving it the push they normally do with their best films.

Now, the weight of success or failure cannot be dumped on audiences, can they?
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