Did Deepika's JNU Show Hit Chapaak's Prospects?

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Is Deepika Padukone's Chapaak paying for her folly of aligning with the so-called 'Tukde Tukde' gang? Chapaak, the story of an acid victim survivor, is doing below par at the box-office. In the pre-release PR, Deepika joined the striking Leftist students of Jawaharlal Nehru University, who were basically protesting against the examination registration and hostel fee hike from Rs 10 to Rs 300.  Deepika, who joined the political jamboree thinking that aligning with the Leftist students would boost her film's prospects, came in for lot of criticism.

Now, her film is doing below par and many people have said on social media that they are not watching the movie because of her alignment with the Left. It is now coming to light that several brands that Deepika is promoting, have asked the media houses to reduce Deepika's presence to minimum for some time so that her joining the JNU protests does not negatively impact them. The companies feel that there would be a brand backlash.

Many companies are now advising the film stars to not take political sides. They are being advised about the pros and cons of speaking up on political matters.  In case of Chapaak, Deepika, many feel, has erred in supporting the Leftist elements in JNU. This has hit the prospects of the film.
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