Did Anil Ravipudi Get That Gift?

Many media reports suggested that Anil Ravipudi is given a BMW car as a gift by producer Dil Raju and they thought he deserves it.

Why not? The young writer-director gave the producer a film like F2, which became a huge blockbuster that earned him 35 crores as profit till now.

This is a huhe margin for Dil Raju and he did not give such success till now on his production banner. Hence, he is jubilant and taking steps to keep up the positive run going.

Meanwhile, the rumour that the producer gave a car to Dil Raju has gone viral. Normally, producers tend to give such gifts as part of remuneration or to show their joy and lock the director for their next!

Many thought might be doing so. Well, the producer did not gift the director any car and Anil Ravipudi is stunned to hear such rumour, it seems.

But he doesn't want to issue any clarity as he hopes, it to be true, some day!