Did Allu Arjun Extend An Olive Branch To Mahesh?

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Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun had a clash with each other before, during Bharat Ane Nenu - Naa Peru Surya release date issue. Now, they again had a clash before the release of Sarileru Neekevvaru and Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo.

Both the times, Allu Arjun had to give way to Mahesh Babu's films and this time, he had to get promises from distributors that his film won't be neglected even if SLN becomes a hit.

Somehow, both the heroes seem to have an issue going on with their film release dates. If one is trying to follow the other just to show their power or stamina, we don't know.

Mahesh Babu cancelled his film with Sukumar, immediately, when the director announced his film with Allu Arjun. Many thought Mahesh had a problem with Sukumar, but after the SLN, AVPL heated discussions, the issue seems to have escalated and came out in open for everyone to see.

Do they really have an issue? Some inside sources say that they do. Some others say that they don't. It is the people around them, who are trying to create a situation where both have to fight for sure.

In any case, Allu Arjun wishing all the luck to Mahesh's film and even the other two Sankranthi releases - Darbar and Entha Manchivadavura seems to be his way of extending an olive branch.

No matter due to whom the issue started, if one wants to end it, then the other should at least show some sign of possibility for truce say elders. Will Mahesh follow that or ignore and continue to do his work?

 Anyhow, he turned into a critic these days, as he is tweeting his opinions about the movies, he liked in recent times. Will he do that for Trivikram Srinivas at least in case of AVPL? Let's wait and watch.