Detained 130 Foreign Students Aware Of Crime

Trump Administration made it clear all 130 Foreign Students (including 129 Indians) who were detained in the United States for enrolling in a fake university to overstay in the country were well aware of the crime they had committed. This is in reply to the concerns expressed by the Indian Government over the detention of many Indian Students.

Investigation Unit of Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) set a fake university named as 'University of Farmington' to trap the illegal immigrants in America. 8 Indians were arrested for operating the 'pay-and-stay' racket.

The State Department informed that all the Foreign Students who enrolled to the Fake University knew there won't be either staff or real classes. 600 Immigrants were trapped promising low tuition fee and work permits on Day 1 of the enrolment. Students who were caught were radio tagged by Authorities to trace their movements.

Whereas, Immigration Attorneys found fault with officials for following unacceptable practices to trap the Students, who according to them were unaware of the University's illegitimate activity. Even Indian'Americans and Few Media Houses criticised the Trump Administration for trapping the innocent students.

The Indian Embassy is trying its best to provide all possible legal support to the Students with the support of Community-based Organisations. Harsh Vardhan Shringla, who is indian Ambassador to the US, assured that External Affairs Ministry will have access to all the students soon.