Despite Huzurnagar Win, Challenges Still Remain For TRS

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Despite his tough exterior and strongly worded warnings, KCR appears to be a worried man. The RTC strike shows no signs of abating and even after going without salary for two months, the employees are in no mood to relent. They are bent on continuing the strike.

Sources say that KCR felt that the resounding victory in Huzurnagar will silence the opposition and will quell the RTC strike. But, instead of that, the strike is still continuing. In his post-Huzurnagar result press meet, he offered "amnesty" of sorts to the RTC employees if they report to duties. Only one employee has responded to his request. This has come as a shock to KCR, sources say. To add to his woes, the opposition too has gone more belligerent than ever before. The BJP has gone on the offensive. Meanwhile, the manhandling of Karimnagar MP Bandi Sanjay has become a big issue and the national leadership of the BJP has called for a report on the incident. Now, the Karimnagar police are busy explaining why they had to hold the collar of the MP.

All these show that despite losing the Huzurnagar bypoll, the Opposition is not completely down and out. It still feels that the mood in the state is anti-KCR and anti-TRS. This is said to be unnerving the TRS ranks. KCR's privatisation of RTC could actually boomerang on them, the TRS sources feel.
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