Delhi fiasco forced KCR to go for 'encounter'

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What is the main reason for the 'encounter' of the four rapists at Shadnagar? Why did the 'authorities' decide to eliminate the rapists all of a sudden? Sources in the know said that this was a very carefully hatched plan and has been executed with the tacit nod from the CM himself.

Ever since KCR was questioned by the national media in Delhi when he attended a wedding there, he was concerned about the damage it had done to his image. Nobody in Telugu states dared question his deafening silence on the gruesome rape of Disha. The media quietly acquiesced to him in Telangana.  But, this was not the case in Delhi. The media questioned him as to how he found time to attend a wedding in Delhi, while he literally had no time to console the bereaved parents of Disha. The video of KCR being questioned went viral on social media and despite the Telugu print and electronic media not showing this, it became a talking point among the people. This has significantly lowered KCR's image.

It was then that the encounter was planned. This explains why there were Jai KCR  along with Saaho Sajjanar slogans. The TRS machinery was quietly nudged to make this message go viral on the social media.
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