Defeated Candidate Wants His Money Back from Voters

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A defeated candidate in the recent cooperative elections is now on a padayatra demanding that those who took money, gifts, including sarees from him in lieu of voting for him, return them to him. He wants them to give back whatever he has given to them. The reason? Despite taking gifts, these people did not vote for him.

Pasham Narsimloo, who contested the cooperative society elections in Indalwai village of Nizamabad is now visiting the homes of those who he had bribed. Interestingly, some voters have even returned the money and the gifts they have taken from him as they had not voted for him. But, some have clearly said that there was no question of returning the money as the deal was already over. In the recent elections, the winning candidate got 79 out of the 98 votes. One vote went to an independent and the remaining votes went to Narsimloo. Pasham Narsimloo gave Rs 3000 per vote and a saree for every home. He had also made liquor available to both men and women.

Narsimloo was the former Primary Agricultural Credit Society chairman, while his wife is currently the sarpanch of the village. He is the founder member of the TRS in the region, but is opposed to Bajireddy Govardhan, the present MLA.
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