Deepika Is Not Afraid Of Negative Trends!

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We normally see actors or producers apologising to mobs after film release or before that to avoid negative trends and general negativity towards them.

But Deepika Padukone kept her silence on negative trends about her film like #BoycottChhappak after she gave silent support to JNU students protest.

Many started calling her anti-national but she remained silent and even though her film collections got affected, she remained unmoved.

Now, her film's IMDB rating has been pulled down to 4.5 from 8.5 as many rated the film as 1. Out of 18,000 votes approximately, polled for her film, more then 10,000 rated it 1.

No film faces such rejection as flop films don't attract so much attention and this seems to be deliberate attempt by mobs on social media to show the actress that they will work against her.

This did not scare her and she said, "They might have changed my film's rating but they can not change my decision!"

Well, she has been facing some sort of negativity regarding her films ever since Bajirao Mastani and it seems to have become a common thing for her.

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