Deepika's Social Experiment Reveals The Truth!

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Star actress Deepika Padukone is aggressively promoting her upcoming film 'Chhappak' which is hitting the screens on 10th January. As she bankrolled the project herself, she is taking it into the public in all the ways she can. She recently did a social experiment as she turned in her reel character of acid attack survivor 'Malti' and went around the streets of Mumbai.

As she went on the streets disguised as an acid attack victim, people reacted to her in different ways. While some showed mercy and welcomed her, others were hesitant to go near her. This video clearly shows the true face of society and what acid attack survivors go through every day.

At the end, Deepika told that we cannot see the truth right in front of us and we should change the way we look at people in our lives.

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