Decoding 'Adivi Sesh Domination' in Taking Credit

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Sesh Adivi struggled a lot in the movie industry before he grabbed the crucial role in the movie Panjaa. The success of Panjaa gave him the confidence to step forward and explore more opportunities in the field. Later, his presence in Baahubali has brought a huge recognition for the actor. With Kshanam, Sesh has become a bankable hero in Tollywood with a decent following.

But, one thing that surprises everyone is the fact that no one else, except Sesh, gets the credit and focus whenever a new movie arrives from his side. Be it Kshanam or the movie Goodachari, the people who knew it as Sesh's film didn't know about the other key technicians who worked for the project. This has been a complaint by many in the movie industry that Sesh dominates everyone when it comes to taking the credit.

During the promotions of his new movie Evaru, Sesh has given clarity on the same. Apparently, Sesh said that there is no truth in it. He made it clear that everyone gets their recognition and he has nothing to do about it. Sesh told that these are baseless assumptions which hold no truth.

After Evaru release, Sesh will be seen in a project titled Major, produced by Mahesh Babu.
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