December First Week Ends Up Being Bad For Box Office!

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December is also a slow month along with November, for Telugu Cinema, as people will be looking at Sankranthi festival biggies. But with city culture growing all-over, Christmas and New Year holidays, are seen as the best possible dates too, lately.

November proved to be the worst month for box office even though some well talked about actors promoted films that release during the month.

The first week of December, did not start on a great note too. Movies released on the date failed to get the buzz going for them.  

Mismatch looked promising with a good trailer and experienced crew handling it. Aishwarya Rajesh being part of the team also, gave some hope for the film. But audiences did not flock to the theatres as makers expected.

Karthikeya's 90ML lost buzz before release and it did not recover on the release date either. Movie failed big time to get critics blessings.

Other two did not even get proper release as the makers couldn't afford rents. People who saw them, just recommended others to not watch them.

Madhanam released in USA directly, did not get any good response from the audiences there. On the whole, Venky Mama will definitely open big for sure as there is a draught for good films at box office from 45 days.

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