Danger bells for Congress in another state

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The Congress has another serious quick fix job on hand. Even as it is battling Maharashtra fire, where the BJP is trying to break the Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress post-poll alliance, fire has erupted in Madhya Pradesh. The High Command is now forced to divert some of its best hands to Bhopal.

As many as 20 Congress MLAs have suddenly gone missing. The MP Government is a minority government that is surviving only with the support of the BSP and independents. If 20 MLAs go missing, it only means that Kamal Nath Government is in its last gasp. Interestingly, all the missing MLAs are said to be close to Jyothiraditya Scindia, who is deeply unhappy with both Kamal Nath and the Congress High Command. They have not been available to anyone for the past two days. Sources say Scindia is unhappy over not being made the PCC chief and has already removed the Congress link from his Twitter handle. Though Scindia has again tweeted saying that the story of the missing 20 MLAs is fake and added that he would present all the MLAs if needed. But, given his antipathy to Kamal Nath, political observers feel Scindia is only sending warning signals to the High Command as to what he can do if the high command continues to ignore him.

Scindia wanted the CM post, but the high command preferred old warhorse Kamal Nath over him. Scindia was later offered deputy CM post, but he declined it. He wanted his man to be made the PCC chief. But, the high command has again favoured Kamal Nath's nominee.
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