A New Political Party Arriving In Telangana

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A New Political Outfit is going to be floated in Telangana with the sole aim of fetching power for Dalits and Backward Classes. DSP is all set to get transformed into a political party very soon. Right now, Discussions has been happening on Party Ideology, Organizational Structure and Manifesto.

The New Party to be formed is aiming for creating history in 2023 Assembly Elections. The main agenda is to attain power for the upliftment of the weaker sections.

Dalit Shakti Programme (DSP) creator Visaradan is going to be the founder-president of the political outfit. He had already completed 5,000 km long padayatra in Telangana Villages holding the Indian Constitution Book in his hand. He is following the same model Kanshiram adopted to make Dalits get hold of power in Uttar Pradesh.

In the name of Dalit Shakti Programme, A lot of ground work was done in the past decade to win the faith of Dalits and BCs in Telangana. Recently, Rallies were organised for the sake of Education, Health and Employment Opportunities. Let's see what impact DSP gonna create in 2023 Elections..!

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