Despite Winning, This Party Is Not Happy At All

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This party has won the most Mps in the state and has won with most convincing margins. Yet, the party is not happy. Despite the stupendous victory, the party is not able to leverage its strength. It has failed to achieve its objectives both in the State and at the Centre. In the state, it cannot dislodge its rival despite the victories and at the Centre, it's victorious MPs have no value. Guess which party?

No marks for guessing. It's the DMK. The party and its allies have literally swept Tamil Nadu in the Lok Sabha elections. Only one AIADMK candidate has managed to win. The sole AIADMK winner will become a union minister now because he is part of the NDA. Since the NDA and especially the BJP getting a massive majority, they do not need the DMK. So, despite winning all but one seats, the DMK is worthless.

In the state assembly bypolls, the DMK wanted to win every seat so that AIADMK becomes a minority government and thus it can form the government. Though it has lost most MP seats, the AIADMK managed to thwart the DMK plans by winning nine assembly elections. Thus, the DMK's hopes of forming the government in the state have come to a naught. Now, the party, despite being the third largest party, is not happy.

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