Cash-For-Vote Video: Babu Reference In New Leak!

A shocking video related to the Cash-for-Vote Scandal surfaced now. In a new video telecasted by Sakshi Media, Sebastian (one of the accused) conveyed to Elvis Stephenson that 'Babu' quoted a bribe of Rs 3 to 5 crore for making him vote for TDP in the Telangana MLC Elections. He clearly mentioned, 'You (Stephenson) are trusting Revanth Reddy only, Babu is trusting Me as well. If anything happens, You are responsible'.

Elvis Stephenson was found listening to what Sebastian has been saying patiently during this conversation which is believed to have taken place at the Nominated MLC's residence.

In the earlier video, Revanth Reddy was caught on camera mentioning 'SIR'. But here, Sebastian opted for 'Babu' reference and it could trouble the AP Chief Minister.

Already, Forensic Science Laboratory confirmed that voice in the phone call with Stephenson is that of the TDP Supremo. What will be the impact of the latest leak?