Council Abolition: TDP MLCs Upset With Chandrababu

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Who is the biggest loser in the sordid drama in the AP legislative council? It's Chandrababu Naidu's TDP of course. The AP cabinet has decided to abolish the council. It will be easily passed in the Assembly and the Parliament may affix its stamp of approval on it. The TDP will lose its only weapon and many of its leaders will lose their positions of power as MLCs. So, some TDP MLCs are already expressing concern over YS Jagan's move. They are asking as to why Jagan is pushing through the move to abolish the council. He could have waited for two more years when the YSRCP would become a majority in the council.

This only betrays the nervousness of the TDP, which wanted to use the council to put spokes in YS Jagan's decisions. The TDP used this weapon quite early and exposed itself.  Now that the council is set to go, the TDP is worried about losing its only lever. Now, it is possible that the TDP MLCs might take Chandrababu to task on this ssue. They may now ask him as to why he had precipitated the whole thing. Realising this, Chandrababu has already asked his MLCs to prepare dor sacrifices. He said that once the TDP comes back to power, it will revive the legislative council. This shows how concerned and worried Chandrababu is. They feel Chandrababu has overplayed his hand.
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