Convicts mother request Nirbhaya's mother

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Moments before the judgement in the Nirbhaya case, convicts Mukesh Singh's mother walked to Nirbhaya's mother and pleaded her please forgive my son and I am begging you for his life. Replying to that Nirbhaya's mother said I had a daughter too, how can I forget, what happened to her, I have been waiting for justice for seven years.

After hearing the judgement, Nirdhaya's mother said the judgement will strengthen the trust of the people in the judicial system and January 22nd will be a big day for us and my daughter got justice.

Tears rolled from convicts eyes after hearing the judgement. All the four convicts are in separate cells, they will be allowed to meet one family member only once, they have fourteen days time to explore the final legal option. They are likely to be hanged on 22nd January. Among the six convicts, four were now sentenced, one person hanged himself in the jail and other was a juvenile, was released after three years.