Congress man bites TRS's man's nose

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In an incident that bordered on the bizarre, a Congress candidate in Bodhan municipality in Nizamabad district , bit off the nose of his rival TRS candidate during a scuffle on the polling day on Wednesday. The candidate,  The Congress nominee, identified as Illyas had a heated argument with TRS candidate Imran. During the wordy duel, Illyas lost control and in a fit of rage, bit off the nose of hsi rival Imran. Imran, who was bleeding profusely, was rushed to the Government Hospital in Bodhan.

The dispute arose over double voting. The TRS found that the Congress supporters were double voting. The Congress denied this. This led to a wordy duel. The incident occurred in Ward No 32 of the Bodhan municipality. The police arrested the Congress candidate and registered a case against him. The incident created quite a sensation in Bodhan and its surroundings.

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