Congress warns, Shiv Sena tiger 'meows'

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The Shiv Sena is now realising what it means to be friends with the Congress. While it was with the BJP, it could threaten, warn and criticise its partner and get away with it. But, it's not the same with the Congress now. The Congress is virtually dictating terms despite having just 38 seats. It is now virtually dictating the terms to Shiv Sena.

When the Citizenship Amendent Bill came up for voting in the Lok Sabha the other day, the Shiv Sena voted in favour of it, while its alliance partners  the Congress and the NCP voted against it. Well! These three are different political parties with differing political standpoints. They can also vote differently on any issue. Their alliance is limited only to the running of Maharashtra government and nothing beyond. But soon after the Shiv Sena had voted in favour of the CAB bill, a threatening phone call reportedly came from the Congress high command. It warned the Shiv Sena against voting in support of the CAB in Rajya Sabha. It said it would withdraw support to the Maharashtra government if it voted in favour of the CAB. Left with no option, the Shiv Sena chose to abstain from the voting in Rajya Sabha.

Thus, Shiv Sena became the only party that changed its stance in just 24 hours. A day before it was in favour of the bill. A day later, it chose not to vote. Well! Sleeping with the enemy is always dangerous.
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