Congress In Rajasthan: A Crystal Clear Analysis

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Recently, in the Rajasthan Assembly elections, the Congress Party has gained good results. On the other hand, the political circles are claiming that Rajasthan people will defeat one party and give the power to another for every 5 years.

From the past years, the same has been repeating in Rajasthan and in this way only Congress party has a won this time. On the other hand, the trade is claiming that Congress is going to win in the Lok Sabha elections as well. As Congress won in the general assembly elections the same political party will have more chances to win the in the Lok Sabha elections as well. But, some are claiming that Congress party will gain more than half of the MP seats this time. Congress leaders are also super confident that they are going to win with the massive margin this time.

Congress party leader Sachin has recently claimed that they are going to win all the 25 MP seats and will clean sweep the state this time. In the previous elections, as Modi Sarkar has created huge impact BJP has clean sweeped the seats but it is yet to be known whether Congress can do it this time or not.

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