Are Cong, BJP Quietly Burying MP Sex Scam?

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What does a politician do when he is in possession of a sleaze video of his rival? He makes it public. Derives as much mileage as he can and defame the rival. But, what if the rival too has a sleaze video of the politician? Both will sit and chat. Agree to bury the hatchet. The same is happening in Madhya Pradesh today.

The Madhya Pradesh sex scam case files are all set to be closed. Reliable sources say that it is likely that the case would go nowhere and would be quietly shut. Sources say that an understanding has been reached between the two major political parties - the BJP and the Congress Party to silently bury the case.  It is being said that senior leaders and advisors have told Kamal Nath to quietly forget the issue.

The scandal rocked the state when two women politicians, one belonging to the Congress and the other to the BJP, had honey trapped several politicians, bureaucrats and top police officials and blackmailed them for money. Several big names, including that of a former chief minister, a former governor and at least eight ministers did rounds in the media. Those trapped included leaders from both the BJP and the Congress.

Initially, both the parties tried to blame one another to get political mileage. But, now that it has come to light that both the parties are involved in the scam, they have decided to go silent. The two woman politicians who were the lynchpins of the sex racket, sources said, would soon be released and sacked from their parties. These women have sold these videos to rival parties. So, both the parties are in possession of the sleazy video clips of the other party's leaders.  Hence, it's truce time for them.