Congress Seniors Oppose CLP Leader Post For Siddu

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Things don't seem to be going former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah's way. After the break-up of the Janata Dal (Secular)- Congress alliance, one expected that he would take control of the Congress Party and prepare it for the upcoming bypolls. But, Siddu seems to be embroiled in battling his rivals within the party more than fighting the BJP and the JDS. During Kumaraswamy regime, he was the chairperson of the coordination committee of the alliance. So, it was but natural to expect that he would be continued as the CLP leader in the assembly. But, there is opposition within the Congress to him. Several senior leaders of the Congress are questioning his leadership and are demanding that voting be done to select the new CLP leader. Leaders like national general secretary BK Hariprasad, former union minister Muniyappa and others have strongly opposed Siddaramaiah for the post of the leader of the Opposition. All this happened right in front of the party observer Venugopal.

They have blamed Siddaramaiah's ambitions for the fall of Kumaraswamy government. It may be recalled that even former MP and JDU national president HD Deve Gowda too solely blamed Siddu for the fall of Kumarasamy government.  He is also been held responsible for the plight of party's to-go-man DK Sivakumara. As of now there are many claimants for the CLP chief post and the going seems to be tough for Siddu.
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