Congress Loses Delhi Even Before Polling

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The Congress, it appears, has lost its plot for Delhi. The party has no leader worth the salt to campaign in the Delhi elections. With three-time CM Shiela Dixit gone, there is no leader who has a pan-Delhi appeal. Even Ajay Maken appears to be disinterested in leading the campaign.

On the other hand, both the AAP and the BJP are working very hard. While AAP is using rallies, yatras and big shows, the BJP, quite uncharacteristically, is undertaking house to house contact and padayatras across the lanes and bylanes of Delhi. The party is led by Amit Shah himself. He is going on a door-to-door contact programme meeting the voters and requesting them to vote for the party. The party is also focusing on small public meetings of less than 10000 people. Several ministers, MPs, MLAs and leaders from neighbouring states are going round the areas to woo the voters. Even leaders from Andhra Pradesh are working among the Telugus in a big way.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no one to guide the Congress Party, which was in power for 15 continuous years before AAP broke the record. Several candidates have already given up even before the fight began. There is severe leadership crisis within the party.
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