Confusion Everywhere In Anti-BJP Camp

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Confusion worse confounded! This in short, sums up the position of the UPA alliance. There is utter confusion about who is friends with whom and who is enemies with whom. The Congress is friends with some parties  in some states and enemies with the same in other states. Though everyone says their chief aim is to defeat the BJP, their show of unity at best is a farce. They are all enemies of the BJP, but not friends among themselves.

In UP, the Congress is going it alone, while the BSP, SP and the RLD are in an alliance. This only means that the Congress will split the anti-BJP vote. The Muslim voters are divided among both the groups. Realising this, Mayawati has asked the Muslims to vote only for the front. This landed her in the EC crosshairs.

In Delhi too, the story is similar. AAP and the Congress are fighting over seat sharing in Delhi. There is no alliance as of now. In Punjab there is a chance to form the alliance. But, Punjab CM Amarinder Singh is opposed to the an alliance. In Haryana too, the Congress has opposed an alliance with the AAP. But, there will be an understanding between the two in Chandigarh Delhi. The latest is that both Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi have taken to Twitter to bait at each other.
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