Cong Anti-BJP Front Falls Flat

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The Congress Party's hopes of cobbling up a credible anti-BJP platform at the national level and to put the BJP on the dock on the JNU issue seem to have been dashed. At least six major parties have shown that they have a mind of their own and a strategy for themselves. They have clearly shown that they do not want to be seen with the Congress at this juncture.

The Congress has organised a meeting with the heads of all parties to discuss ways and means to put the BJP on the dock over the JNU issue. But, at the final count, key political parties like the Bahujan Samaj Party and Mamta Banerjee have completely skipped the meeting. The Mamta is upset with the Congress over the vandalism by the Congress-Left mobs in West Bengal. It feels that by resorting to violence, both the CPM and the Congress had conspired to damage the standing of Mamta Banerjee. So, she decided to pay back in the same coin by abstaining from the meeting. Even Tamil Nadu's DMK chief Stalin chose to skip the meeting. Even Uddhav Thaceray, Maharashtra CM and Shiv Sena chief, whose government's survival depends on the Congress support, chose to give the meeting a miss. The biggest shock was from Aam Admi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal.. On his behalf, Delhi government's minister Manish Sisodia attended the meeting.

This big reversal has put the Congress Party on the mat. The regional parties, it appears, are not ready to buy the Congress line. Some parties like the DMK like to sail with the Congress, but do not want its leadership. They want to be treated like equals.
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