Only My Hubby Can See My Tattoo!

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Colors Swathi shifted her base to Indonesia after marriage and got settled there with her husband Vikas. The recent interview of this Anchor-turned-Actress became a sensation.

Recalling the MMS which surfaced when she was hosting Colors show, Swathi told: 'Even the Girl in that video have a teeth on top of another teeth. People assumed it was Me and used to murmur a lot on a sets. I felt bad at that time. Can't bear if any degrades My Character'.

Swathi had a tattoo on her Middle Finger. She won't hesitate to show it to those who speaks badly with her. This Tatoo is to remind her that just stay in the present instead of living in the past.

Much to everyones's shock, Swathi didn't mind saying: 'If at all I wish to have another tattoo, It will be in a place where only My Husband could see'.

Swathi doesn't rule out re-entry anytime soon. She wants to enjoy family life to the fullest before make a comeback.