Civil War Might take place in Telangana: MP Revanth Reddy

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Telangana Congress working President, Malkajgiri MP Revanth has made some sensational comments on the current situations in Telangana. At a point in time, the rightists use to think that Naxalites are obstacles to the development and they should not be in society. But with the current situations, the public is thinking that if the Naxalites exist today, the state might have not gone out of the hand.

He made these comments while addressing the audience, at a "meet and greet" event organized by the NRIs in New Jersey. Talking about the unrest in Telangana, he said that such a situation might lead to a civil war. He made it clear that he is against violence.

TRS official spokesperson and MLC Palla Rajeshwar Reddy said that the Congress party had lost its confidence in democracy. With the public rejecting the Congress in every state, the Congress leaders made a habit to pass sensational comments to stay in the news. "We suspect that Congress has links with Maoists," said Reddy.

"Despite the court suggesting the government hold talks, KCR hasn't. People are not happy. There is unrest. Even ministers are feeling bad that their position is worse than that of watchmen. A case was booked against a doctor when a dog died in Pragathi Bhavan, but KCR does not want the opposition to question him when 20 RTC employees have died. Is this the state we fought for?" Revanth questioned the Telangana CM.
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