Is Koratala Trying To Be Another Shankar?

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Director Koratala Siva is known for his message-oriented commercial flicks. They deal with social issues convincingly without getting overshadowed by star image. Koratala mastered the art of making such films just like how Shankar's films used to be earlier.

Koratala is currently making a film with Chiranjeevi and they are planning it to be pan-Indian. Chiru's earlier national-wide opening, 'Sye Raa' tanked at the Hindi box-office but with right screenplay and casting, Koratala can achieve this feat.

The shooting will commence from next year and Trisha is the female lead in this flick. Mani Sharma is composing music for this film produced by Ram Charan. So the question is, can Koratala Siva become another Shankar from South India?
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