Chiru-Pawan Meet: Why Is Nadendla Manohar There?

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On Wednesday, Mega Star had a surprise. His brother dear Pawan Kalyan came calling. Knocking the door along with Pawan was the ever-smiling Tenali former MLA Nadendla Manohar. Both Pawan and Manohar met Chiru, presented him with bouquets and were closeted with him for quite some time. Chiru and Pawan met after a long time. During the campaign time, Chiru did not join Pawan and Pawan too was critical at several times about Chiru's merging of Praja Rajyam into the Congrress. After the polls, Pawan was left to nurse the grievous wounds of electoral defeat. He lost both the seats he had contested and very badly at that. The only MLA who won on the Jana Sena ticket is now singing praises of YS Jagan Mohan Reddy day in and day out. He has not even cared to meet Pawan Kalyan to seek guidance about what to do and how to conduct himself in the Assembly.

So, what transpired at the meeting? Did Chiru advise Pawan and Manohar about future political tactics? With the local body elections fast approaching, Pawan and Manohar have reportedly talked politics and and about a possible alliance with the Telugu Desam to salvage some prestige. But, there are also reports that Chiru is being wooed in to the BJP. If that happens, what will be the equation between Pawan and Chiru? Will they be campaigning for two different parties?

Let's wait and see how things unfold in Konidela family