It Was Not Easy for Chiranjeevi

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Generally, the Telugu audience won't accept a climax which features the lead actor's death scene. If it is a star hero's film, there is no chance of accepting such films. Even Chiranjeevi is no exception in this case. The actor never tries to include his death sequence in his films.

In the film Ramana, the lead hero Vijayakanth gets hanged in the climax. But when it came to its remake Tagore, Chiranjeevi gets away with punishment. When the actor announced Syeraa Narasimha Reddy Everyone wondered whether the death scene of the freedom fighter will be included or not.

Apparently, Chiru sat with writers Paruchuri Brother and a couple of professors from Telugu University to discuss the various versions of climax. But at the end of the day, they felt that the assassination of Narasimha should be included to justify his story. It seems that director Surender Reddy shot the climax in such a way that the audience will be invested in the story and get an emotional high at the end. We have to wait till October 2nd to witness this seqeunce on the big screen.

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