Chiranjeevi Garu Helped Me In Locking Chitralahari - Sai Dharam Tej

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Sai Dharam aka Sai Tej, talked about his film Chitralahari releasing on 12th April. He said, "I am happy that my movie is  releasing on 12th April which seems to be a right date as summer holidays will begin and election campaigning will be over."

Talking about the story, "I never really worried about taking a joke on me. So, this film does have many jokes on me and my body language has been designed like that too. I had to put on weight for the film," said the actor.

He then talked about how Chiranjeevi helped him in locking the script. He said, "I asked Chiranjeevi garu to help me and he immediately heard the story. He asked me to follow my guts and said the story is good. He is not entitled to look after my career but he being a pillar of support always gives me strength to fight."

He then said that failures helped him in learning to say, "No"! He said, "I used to be loose in taking decisions out of belief on the people, I worked with. May be I should be equally involved with them. From now on, I will say No, if I feel the script is not good. I won't do unless the script shapes up satisfactorily further!"

He concluded by saying, "I am thankful to fans for being such support in my life. I want to entertain them as much I can. I hope they will love this film. For my next, I will look lean and I started working on it too!"
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