Why Was Chilkur Balaji Temple Closed On Saturday?

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Priyanka Reddy's gut wrenching rape and unfortunate death have shaken the conscience of the people of the state. So high was the anger that there were rallies and protests everywhere. Thousands thronged the police station where the accused were kept. The anger was such that the police had to sweat it out for hours to bring order near the police station.

In an unprecedented move,  the Chilkur Balaji temple was closed on Saturday to protest the gruesome rape and death of the veterinarian. The day being Saturday, thousands of devotees came to the temple, but they found that the gates of the temple remained closed. Chief priest Rangarajan told the gathering that the temple was closed in protest against the inhuman incident. He said the incident has put the whole humanity to shame and expressed concern over the rising crimes against women.  He demanded that the criminal quartet be castrated so that they cannot rape anyone in future. "When dogs can be castrated, why not these animals," he asked.

This perhaps is the first time the historic temple, visited by thousands of devotees every day, remained closed for such a cause. Rangarajan himself led the protests and the devotees chanted slogans condemning the rape and murder. They demanded exemplary punishment to the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

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