Chandrababu wants to change Kuppam TDP leaders

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The reduced majority in Kuppam and the alround defeat of the TDP seems to be still rankling Chandrababu Naidu. He seems to be deeply dissatisfied with the local TDP leaders of Kuppam. The other day, he held a meeting with the leaders from the Kuppam on Tuesday and Wednesday, where he slammed them for not having a connect with the voters.

The problem is that most of the local leaders in Kuppam are Chandrababu's childhood buddies and have travelled with him all these years. They have been with him for over 35 years. But now he finds them losing connect with the voters, becoming inactive and insensitive. He is now talking of bringing in new blood into the party in Kuppam so that they work hard.  The senior local leaders went back deeply disappointed at Chandrababu's harangue. One has even commented: If we are old and inactive, so is Chandrababu. He too has lost connect with the people. Shouldn't he be changed too?" "He is asking us to change. But is he changing?" asked another.

Chandrababu suffered a serious scare in the recent assembly elections as for at least a couple of rounds, he trailed behind the YSRCP candidate. This has happened for the first ever time after he chose Kuppam has his constituency. Though he has managed to win, his majority has come down drastically. The YSRCP is resurgent in the constituency these days.  The party is very active and is growing in Kuppam and this is worrying Chandrababu Naidu to no end.
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