Kodela Death: TDP Need To Stop Politicizing!

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After the extreme step taken by Kodela Siva Prasad Rao on Monday, Cops registered a case of suspicious death. Post-Mortem Report confirmed it as a suicide. In the search operation, Police hadn't found out any suicide note at Kodela's residence. Even his Family Members informed that they haven't seen any suicide note until now. All these developments reach a conclusion that Kodela hasn't written any suicide note before taking the extreme step.

Telugu Desam Party, on the other hand, kept politicizing the death of Kodela Siva Prasad Rao. Few Pro-TDP Mediahouses reported that Kodela used to convey to his close pals about how his reputation was tarnished by the YCP Government.

Had if he committed suicide due to the witch-hunting by YCP Government, Kodela would have certainly written a suicide note and mentioned about the harassment in it. In contrast, There was no such attempt by the Former Speaker.

TDP need to accept that even it found fault with Kodela when it comes to misusing the Assembly furniture. Party Leadership hadn't even backed the Senior Leader when he faced allegations of imposing K-Tax. Which means, CBN & Co., found fault with him in these two issues. Then, Why does TDP is trying to portray the suicide of Kodela in a different angle? Let the investigation happen and truth come out..!
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