CBN Brings North-South Divide In T-Congress

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Telangana PCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy and Working President Revanth Reddy who hails from South Telangana were instrumental in materializing Congress-TDP Alliance. South Telangana Leaders assumed that tie-up with TDP would fetch them the votes of Andhra Settlers. This wrong judgement proved costly for Mahakutami during the Assembly Polls 2018. Settlers distanced TDP and moved close to TRS by the time GHMC Polls happened. How could Congress ignore this harsh reality?

Congress Leaders from North Telangana blamed the Party Leaders in South Telangana for the disastrous result in the Assembly Polls. They allege, 'South Telangana Leaders misguided the Congress High Command and eventually helped KCR who revived the 'Telangana Sentiment' by geting Chandrababu Naidu. Had if there was no alliance with TDP, Congress would have given a stiff competition to TRS in North Telangana. Alliance with TDP washed away Congress Party in this part of the state'.  

Congress Leadership regret tie-up with TDP as they hadn't gained anything from the friendship even in South Telangana. Telanganites used to have sympathy on Congress Party as it was made to sit in Opposition even after fulfilling their dream against all the odds. The same people made up their mind to defeat Congress at any cost post tie-up with TDP.