This Is The Real Story Of Chandrababu Naidu's Meeting With RSS Chief

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Chandrababu Naidu is sure rueing the costliest yet political mistake he made in 2019 elections. He antagonised Narendra Modi and cut all his connections with the BJP. He also shunned an open alliance with Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena little realising that it was these two parties that helped him to get to power in 2014. The result was there for all to see. Chandrababu Naidu lost badly and the TDP performance in the elections was all time low.

Now, having realised that he had made a mistake, he is sending "love signals" to the BJP, but the latter is totally uninterested in him. He is trying every trick in the trade to establish contact with the BJP. The latest buzz is that Chandrababu Naidu had gone over to Nagpur and met RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat. The reason is not far to seek. Key leaders are deserting the TDP and the BJP is now trying very hard to emerge as an alternative to the YSRCP. If that happens, there would be no TDP by 2024. To prevent the complete decimation of the party, Chandrababu Naidu has met the RSS chief to send signals to his partymen that there was no need to join the BJP as there would soon be an alliance with the BJP.

So, he is said to have used his contacts to get a meeting arranged with Mohan Bhagwat. A saffron-robed sanyasi is said to have facilitated this meeting. Earlier, it was rumoured that Chandrababu used his friendship with a union minister from Maharashtra to get an appointment with Mohan Bhagwat. But, now it emerges that the Swami helped him meet the RSS chief.

Yet, it is clear that the BJP would not soften its stand vis-a-vis TDP. The BJP national leadership is so miffed that it will not align with the TDP anytime in future.

Meanwhile, the TDP has also begun cozying up with the Jana Sena. It has fully backed the Jana Sena-sponsored march on the sand quarrying issue. The TDP is actively backing the Jana Sena's long march. Three former ministers and several key leaders from Vizag are now part of the Long March.


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