Just 23 Seats! My Mistakes Aren't That Big: CBN

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Chandrababu Naidu has finally opened up on the humiliating defeat in the 2019 Elections during the party meeting in Guntur. He has thrown the entire blame on voters by saying they drank the water given by him through Pattiseema but forgot to vote.

TDP Supremo has gone to extent of commenting, 'Paalu Iche Aavunu Vadilesi...Dunnanu Thecchukunnaru (Leaving Cow, They went after Ox). Why TDP got only 23 MLA Seats? We haven't committed such big mistakes!'.

Naidu accused YCP Government of killing Amaravati which he always wanted to be a World-class City. He sees no development happening in the state since the past three months.

Regarding the Poll Promises, Babu declared TDP will fight against YCP Government on behalf of the people if the assurances weren't implemented.

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