Doesn't Chandrababu Know This Elementary Thing?

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Chandrababu Naidu is sounding quite funny when he said that he was kept confined to his home without any prior notice. Interestingly, as a long-standing legislator and as a three-time chief minister, he sure should know what is preventive custody! A preventive custody is employed when there are fears of large-scale violence or a law and order problem. He was under house arrest when he planned his 'Chalo Atmakur' rally in Palnadu region. This was a preventive measure as the YSRCP too had planned a counter-rally.

Chandrababu said the police have given him no notice. But, he sure knows that notices are needed for house arrests. Chandrababu has neither been arrested, nor been taken into custody. He was only prevented from going out of his home for a few hours. Once the heat was over, he was free to go wherever he wanted. As a CM, he must have done this many a time to prevent any untoward incident.

But, now he is trying to make this an issue. He wants to derive political mileage out of this knowing fully well that what was done was not illegal. Only Chandrababu can stop to such level.

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